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Posted by : AfiqahAR | 27 December 2011 | Published in


Recently, I found out that I fell for a non-Muslim guy.
Every minute I think about him. I miss him every time.
Part of my heart is desperately want to tell him.
But another part of my heart is trying very hard to control my feelings.
Because for me, this feelings is not good.

Let's imagine. If I tell him...
1) And he does not like me, our friendship will be over. Awkward. *krik*krik*krik*
2) And he likes me but refuse to convert, it will make me more sad.
3) And he likes me and willing to convert, ALHAMDULILLAH. :p

But if possible, I wish for a pious husband.
Whatever it is, JODOH DI TANGAN TUHAN. Dan aku redha. :)

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