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Hello, creatures!

I'm on holiday. Yay! But I don't go anywhere. Just stay at home like good girls do. Only after sending my handsome car to workshop, me and Amalina went to Sunway Carnival to grab some food and watch 'Mama'.

*capture by the dish*

And yes, I would like to share my review on 'Mama'. But first, let me tell you about the synopsis. It started with a very blurry situation, which is I like the most. It was winter. There were two little girls - Victoria (3 years old) and her sister (Lily - 1 year old). They were sitting alone in a room when suddenly they heard a gunshot sound from outside the room. Victoria just stared at the door. The door then opened abruptly and she could see her dad, Jeffrey was standing there breathlessly. He brought his two daughters with car to a place that no one knew.
"Dad, you're driving too fast." Victoria kept repeating the words that actually made Jeffrey mad. His mad made he lost control in driving. The car jumped off straight into the valley and hit a tree. Fortunately, three of them were safe (not very logic, I know) and headed to an old cabin near the accident spot. Victoria refused to enter the building because she saw someone inside the house by the window. But Jeffrey assured his daughter that everything's alright.
Victoria was looking outside. She told her dad that she saw a floating woman. After setting up fire at the fireplace, Jeffrey was crying and babbling about how bad he was as a father to Victoria. He finally took off Victoria's glasses and asked her to look out the window. "Look, there's a deer." Victoria looked out the window. Jeffrey, which was still crying, took out his gun and started to aim his daughter. Before he could pull the trigger, 'something' grabbed him from behind and lifted him up. Victoria could not see what had happened since she's blind. "Dad? Dad?" That's all she could say.
That night, Victoria hold tight Lily in front of the fireplace. Suddenly, something rolled towards them. "Look, Lily. It's a cherry," said Victoria. When they looked up, they could see something floating in front of them in the pitch black night. And that was one of the best introduction I've ever seen in movies.
Five years later, Lucas, Jeffrey's brother and his girlfriend, Annabel found Victoria and Lily in the cabin and took care of them. Though the girls' conditions were weird when the first time Lucas found them - super skinny, dirty and vicious, Victoria was getting better. However, Lily was still acting strange. Playing and laughing by herself. And some weird things started to happen. Annabel started to hear a woman sang a lullaby. Victoria and Lily also kept mentioning about 'Mama' who they were always playing with. Things went crazier when something pushed Lucas down from the second floor. He was admitted to the ICU and left Annabel to take care of the two girls by herself.
One time, Annabel saw Victoria was crying. Victoria told Annabel that she did not want Annabel to get hurt. Annabel started to investigate what was happening in her house and of course, about Mama. Victoria once told her that Mama was a lady who ran from a mental hospital with her baby and jumped off the cliff while hugging the baby. But she lost her baby and started to take care of Victoria and Lily as her own daughters.
Later on, Victoria decided to stop playing with Mama and started to love Annabel. That was actually making Mama angry. What would happen to everyone when Mama getting angry? Please watch this movie. I rate it as 5 stars. The only lack of this movie is that it never shows why Jeffrey murdered everybody. And I did not even realize about it until I walked out from the cinema. All I can say is 'Mama' is a very scare and touching story.

*Victoria is super cute with her glasses!*

Well, last Saturday was really a tiring and long day, but enjoying at the same time. Maybe because me and Amalina slept at 4 AM the night before and woke up at 7 AM. Plus, I'm driving the whole day! Amalina said, "Kalau ada Iqah, akak takkan drive." I was like ------> T.T
Tomorrow, we will check in the hotel only to swim in the pool. HAHA. And Bangah will be here on this weekend. Yay!

Goodbye, creatures!


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Hi, creatures!

Jujur aku kata aku tak suka pindah. Tapi aku tau dalam hidup mesti akan pindah. Tak kiralah pindah rumah ke, pindah sekolah ke... atau pindah kerja.
Aku tak pernah terfikir untuk pindah kerja walaupun ramai yang pujuk atau nasihat aku untuk pindah sebelum ni. Ya, gaji aku sekarang memang sikit. Lagi-lagi aku duduk di kawasan orang-orang kaya. Nak tak nak, terpaksa ikat perut dan berjimat. Lebih tension, dah ikat perut pun tak kurus-kurus. Hmmm...
Tapi aku sangat berharap aku dapat kerja ni. Terima kasih kepada kawan yang minta aku hantar resume kat dia supaya dia boleh terus bagi pada bos dia. Aku tak pernah sebegini yakin dalam cari kerja. Sebab aku tak pernah fikir untuk pindah kerja kurang daripada 3 tahun.
Well, kalau dapat mungkin dah rezeki aku. Kalau tak dapat, aku masih gembira bekerja di syarikat sekarang. Walaupun gaji sikit dan benefit aku kira tak berbaloi, sekurang-kurangnya aku buat benda yang aku minat dan persekitaran pejabat yang amat selesa dan bertimbang rasa. Oleh sebab itu, aku masih stay.

Bye, creatures!
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