Posted by : AfiqahAR | 31 March 2009 | Published in

as this semester will end in about a month lagi, i kept thinking about my short-term planning.
1. continue for degree (maybe i stick to masscomm)
2. working

yesterday morning, bangdeq called me. he wanted to give me "something" that makes me to hurry applying for job after this. lol.
but it's not so sure yet.
so, i won't tell the "something" until i really dapat that thing.
but, i really hope that i dapat.haha!

Pikalicious said: but i'm quite sure that i'll get it as soon as i finished for this sem ;D

..I need some rest..

Posted by : AfiqahAR | 30 March 2009 | Published in

the work is done..FINALLY!
so, there is the report of our final project je yang tak siap lagi.
but it was a relief to receive a message from Miss Mayu that said the consultation for today was cancelled. yeba~ yeba~ (but it is postponed by tomorrow.lol)

Pikalicious said: "Too tired to do anything today. maybe i'll get some sleep for 12 hours or more since dah 2 hari x rasa nikmat tido yang sempurna. poor me."

..bengkaklicious no more..

Posted by : AfiqahAR | 19 March 2009 | Published in

lastly, bengkak aku pown dh maken susut n mata aku dh semakin sembuh.
thank GOD!
but aku tak boleh pakai mata hijau lagi.
sebab still dlm recovery.
huhu. so, doakan aku cepat2 sembuh ye supaya aku cepat2 boleh pakai mata hijau :D

I need "appropiate" to share this..

Posted by : AfiqahAR | 05 March 2009 | Published in

aku xnk besarkan hal n dituduh "memburuk2kan member sendiri" but i really need to share it with sum1..

What is a friendship?

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when i think bout the word "friendship", i feel like i want to cry..
it's hard to be not-so-outstanding person in a clan.everything that i've done, people are going to look at me like every mistakes come from me.
aku lah yang sombong selama ni.aku lah yang wat hal selama ni.aku lah yang lupa member selama ni.aku lah yang memburuk2kan member selama ni.
what the HELL?!
i hate those words very much! seriously, hate it!

p/s: please don't make me to become a "sombong" person.please!

Situasi Mengong Yang Aku Xsuke!!! - Part 2

Posted by : AfiqahAR | 02 March 2009 | Published in

die msg aku kate die suke kt aku lh.
ati die sblm ni xterbuka nk time cinta n dh serik nk bercinta.
then, pas jumpa aku, br lh dia le time cinta blk.
what the F**K??!!!
aku geli geleman bc msg dia, then aku kate kite kwn jek.
fuh! aku geli dowh. SIYESLY!!

then, the next day die msg ag.
die kate die gh pk cne nk jd kaye.
aku kate lh kn dia die dh kaye. nk kaye lg ke?
pas2 die kate "bkn kaye dgn harta, tp gn cinta suci"..
what the F**K??!!!

p/s: aku sering dikelilingi org yg jiwang begini. WHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!
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