Simple Editing Photoshop Technique

Posted by : AfiqahAR | 22 June 2010 | Published in

Hi creatures.

As I promised, I will share a little bit of experiences of mine about Adobe Photoshop.
Do you realize that Photoshop actually can create such a miracle? Well, at least, I do. :)

Today, I would share a simple trick of Photoshop, called cropping.
I will use Adobe Photoshop CS5. It is the latest one and lots of improvement in editing techniques have been made with it.
Of course, you can use Photoshop CS, CS2, CS3 and CS4 since the technique I will share is very simple to do.

First of all, open the picture you want to crop. Go to File > Open. I choose the cupcake! :)

Then, do you notice the lock at the Background layer? To unlock it so that we can make some editing to the picture, double click it. And a pop up window will burst out. Just click OK without changing anything, and you done unlock it!

As I told you earlier, we are trying to do a simple cropping technique using Photoshop CS5. In this version, Quick Selection Tool will do a great job. Click on it and start cropping the object that you want to. In my case, I want to crop the cupcake. Just click all over the cupcake until it will be like this. You don't have to be as careful as you could because next, we are about to refine the edge.

Click on the button Refine Edge and a pop up will come out. At the View Mode, choose to view On Black so that the editing would be easier as the colour of the cupcake is lighter. Next, click on the Smart Radius checkbox to make the edge looks fine when editing. Do some corrections on Edge Detection, Adjust Edge and Output based on your creativity and click OK.

Then, the cupcake should be like this. Guess what? Your cropping job is done! You can paste it on wherever background image that you wish. It is a simple technique right? Have fun and good luck! :)

A piece of thought: If you are using Adobe Photoshop CS or CS2, you could use extract technique by just go to the Filter > Extract. For Adobe Photoshop CS3 and CS4, you could use the Magic Wand to apply the same technique.

Bye creatures!

Kau Kata Sayang?

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Hi creatures.

Kami marah, tapi kami sayang.
Kami kutuk, tapi kami sayang.
Kami kata tidak, tapi kami sayang.
Kami mengarah, tapi kami sayang.
Kami buang, tapi kami sayang.
Kami tinggal, tapi kami sayang.
Kami diam, tapi kami sayang.
Kami jauh, tapi kami sayang.
Kami sentap, tapi kami sayang.
Kami lupa, tapi kami sayang.
Kami endah, tapi kami sayang.
Kami ingkar, tapi kami sayang.
Kami susah, tapi kami sayang.

Kami sayang, sebab kami KELUARGA.

Bye creatures.

Mari Gosok?

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Hi creatures!

Today, let me share with some of you (REMEMBER! not all people share the same interests!) tips to buffer our nails! No need to go to medicure or pedicure bagai, walaupun saya dah pergi sekali dulu dengan Izyan. Pffftt.. T.T

Apa yang anda perlukan adalah:
1. Nail buffer
2. Kuku

Nail buffer boleh didapati di Watson saja (at least mine was bought there. HAHA) atau di mana-mana saja sesuki anda. Kuku? Er. Tanya Pakcik Gugel macam mana nak dapatkannya.

Okay. This is the nail buffer I mentioned earlier. I mean, this is the cheapest one. T.T
There are four parts sebenarnya tapi sebab malas nak capture gambar pagi-pagi buta ni dan kerana quality gambar pun tak menarik sebab handphone murah saja tak mampu lagi nak beli BlackBerry, gambar ni pun jadi lah. Kalau anda have no idea nail buffer rupa dia cenggini, sumpah KAU TIPU!

This is the first part of it (warna hitam). I called it "Hiris-hiris Jangan Terlebih" part. This is used to trim your nail. Tak ada kena mengena dengan surface kuku okay? Kalau kau nak kuku selicin jalan tar, sila buat. Tapi, saya jarang guna bahagian ni sebab kuku dah sememangnya cantik. Awwwww.. TIPU. Sebab malas saja. Saya tak pandai nak trim. Lagipun, kuku saya dah pendek-sependek-pendeknya. No more long nails dah. Ibu marah. T.T

This is the second part (warna putih). I called it "Gosok-gosok Sampai Berdebu" part. This is used to ratakan surface kuku. Bila kuku tak rata, dia akan berdebu. Kalau dah tak berdebu tu, maknanya kuku anda selicin kukuku (WTF?).

This is the third part (warna pink I loike!). I called it "Gosok-gosok Jangan Tak Gosok" part. This part actually to support the second part. Penting walaupun explanation saya tidak membantu. T.T

And last but not least, this is the last part (ayat apa ini? warna kelabu). I called it "Gosok-gosok Sampai Sekilat Badan Malek Noor" part. This part is the most IMPORTANT thing to do and normally, it takes time and patience. Gosok sampai kilat ye? Selagi tak kilat, jangan berhenti gosok. Ini amaran, bukan arahan! And it pains sometimes sebab geseran menghasilkan haba. Kalau tak percaya, tanya Pakcik Gugel. :)

Several things you have to remember in order to get nice shining and glittering and shining and glittering nails:
1. Kesabaran
2. Beauty is pain
3. Spend most of the time doing the last part
4. If you rinse your nails with water and the shining has gone, you need to do the last part more. Macam bongok ayat English aku ni. Maksud, kalau kuku terkena air dan anda dapati kuku dah tak berkilat, buat bahagian terakhir dengan lebih lama. Lihat sajalah the last part of mine. Dah ter-compang camping sebab gosok lama-lama. =.="

And, you will end up like mine (abaikan kebodohan pose kuku sebab nak mengelak dari ter-masuk gambar muka sebab berminyak dan.... :)). Selamat mencuba! Gambatte kudasai! :)

P/S: Tips datang dari kepala otak saya. Kalau ada masalah, samanlah saya. Mudah-mudahan tak ada masalah. HAHA. Nama bahagian buffer juga datang dari kepala otak saya kecuali gosok jangan tak gosok diambil dari lagu Tam Spider bertajuk "Aladdin". Gambar ambil dari handphone murah saya dan webcam laptop. Susah nak dapatkan pose nak tunjukkan kuku benar-benar berkilat. Saya bukan photographer handalan. T.T

Bye creatures!

Sharing is Paying

Posted by : AfiqahAR | 10 June 2010 | Published in

Hello creatures!

I intend to put some basic Photoshop tutorials that I knew and experienced once I got my own laptop. Of course it is free! Avoid the title. =.="

Bye creatures.

T to the E to the M to the B U N!

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Hi creatures.

Weekend kali ni best sangat sebab dua orang tembun menyerang kota Kulim! Wooohooooooooo! Dah ada sikit improvements dah dorang ni. Dari segi rambut especially. Tak boleh dah nak panggil botak. Tapi aku panggil juga kadang-kadang. HAHA.

Perubahan Muhammad Izzan Zafran:
1. Makan dan minum segala benda (nasi, cokodok, apom lenggang, cok keria, sirap, rebena, ais blended dll)
2. Berdiri walaupun tak bergerak selangkah pun
3. Geget kaki orang (serang hendap gila hebat budak ni!)
4. Goyang pagar sekuat hati
5. Posing
6. Minum guna straw

Perubahan Ain Alesya:
1. Berjalan beberapa tapak sebelum duduk mengetuk lutut sendiri
2. Bercakap walaupun tak faham sepatah haram
3. Tahu apa itu jam
4. Membalas high-5
5. Salam sambil ciom tangan apabila disuruh
6. Peluk apabila disuruh
7. Ciom apabila diminta

Oh. Sayang mereka walaupun mereka diletakkan under kategori buas dan ganas (18BG).

Bye creatures.

Passion to Munch is Indescribable

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He was hungry. Craving for something. Something that no one ever expect what it is. Something that 20% less fat. Something that are free of cholesterol and trans fat. When the full moon showed itself on the peak of the mountain, he knew that it was the time. It was the right time for him to go hunting, searching for those things to eat.

It was a cold breezy night. The small tree branches fighting with each other as the wind blew, made up loud crack sounds. As he went through the thick forest, he saw a small river with full of nutritious fishes. He tried to grab one of them. Surprisingly, he caught three of those. He gripped the poor little fishes hard in his muscle bare hands and presented them to the moon. The fishes' skins glowing brightly as the moonlight hit them. They were not the things that he was looking for. With a loud groan of disappointed, he squeezed those creatures inside his hands but luckily, the slippery skins saved them and they fell into the river again, swimming quickly away from the beast that caught them to avoid being vanquished.

Slowly, he crossed the small river and widen his eyes to look for the thing that he craved for. The pair of his eyes shone as diamonds in the dark of a cold night. Suddenly, he could hear some movements behind the small bushes next to him. He turned his head quickly and saw a shadow of human were eating something with sounds of growling. He slowly stepped closer to the human. As he got really close, he found out something kinky and gross. He found no human. He found out a gorilla was eating a wrap of chocolate snack alone behind the thick bushes. He left the gorilla as quiet as a mouse. Too much power to gain to defeat a gorilla he realized. He better did not messed up with it.

His next step stopped all of sudden. He smelled something. A 24 hours grocery store! From the transparent glass window, he could see someone was standing at the counter, counting lots of money in his both hands. It must be the cashier, I thought. He turned his sight at the food shelves and suddenly saw the things that he craved for! His glowing eyes locked at them! He had to grab all four flavours of them! When the four were combined, a true powerful taste would happen! With full of graceful, he dragged his body along with four legs, crouching quietly to the store.

He was now at the front door of the grocery store, waiting for the right time to attack. I must act fast, or I'll be dead meat. After set up a brilliant strategy, he knew that he was ready to launch an invasion. He knew that he had to get that things no matter how and what the consequences. Without losing any minutes, he broke the store window with all his power and the night end with a loud echo of human scream.

* * *

The sun had rose, up on the mountain peak. Kuga rubbed his eyes, aching because of the bright sunshine hit his eyes directly. He woke up from his bed and went to the mirror to look at his appearance. The image in the mirror showed a messy, dirty but handsome guy with some small pieces of dried leafs stuck in between of his brown thick hair. As he thought how weird to have dried leafs on his head as soon as waking up in the morning, he brushed his hair softly to get rid of those leafs.

He heard sounds from the living room. Must probably his house mates were watching the TV. He headed straight to the hall and joined them. They were watching morning news. The newscaster told them that a grocery store was broken last night by a giant wolf.

"How bad?" Paul asked his friends.

"Seriously bad. It was said they never found a gigantic creature like that before. I bet it was a werewolf."

Paul seemed to care less about the news. His stomach growled. He asked, "Want some?" as he grabbed a tin of Mister Potato Rice Crisps.

His friends greedily took several pieces of the snack and started to munch. "This is awesome, man! How did you get that?"

Paul looked confuse. He did not know what to answer. He just did not remember to buy those delightful snack recently. But suddenly, he thought he remembered something about last night. Something just flashed into his mind a second ago. With a puzzle look on his face, he raised his one eyebrow and finally said, "I think I had pay a visit to the broken grocery store last night."

P/S: This is an entry dedicated specially to the Rice Crisps by Mister Potato most creative review contest.

Bye cretures!

Cerita Panas yang Aku Mahu Tengok

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Hi creatures.

Sekarang demam wayang. Sikit-sikit orang post kat Facebook tu nak pergi tengok wayang. Aku berasap saja sebab takde transport. Tapi Jumaat ni Ella ajak tengok Lagenda Budak Setan. Mungkin Kulim bakal banjir kot Jumaat nanti sebab aku touching tengok gazet cerita tu. Well, sometimes, cerita tak sebagus gazet pun. Tapi, tunggu saja lah kutukan or pujian aku. HAHA.

Ok, berbalik kepada topik. Antara cerita panas yang aku mahu tengok buat masa ni:
1. Lagenda Budak Setan
2. Prince of Persia
3. Andartu Terlampau... 21 Hari Mencari Suami
4. Nightmare on Elm Street

Bye creatures!

Back In Melaka

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Hi creatures.

This is another back-to-the-past entry. Inspired by Dunia Baru since semalam diorang baru tamat 1 semester dekat Unisel tu. It brings me back my memories dekat Melaka dulu. Nothing could ever replace them. Maybe an Apple could. HAHA.

Anyway, pasal the first met dengan geng "Whatever" aku dah story in the previous entry right? But today, nak cerita some experiences I had with those lovely people I've had known in the past 3 years.

Cross jambatan tasik Tun Fatimah pukul 12 tengah malam adalah perkara yang paling menyeronokkan... TIDAK! Gila kau cross tasik yang orang kata berhan-han malam-malam buta tu seronok? Mestilah tidak! Time tu Hadi or Samdu was our ketua kelas. Dia ajak Ella, Mariani and aku pergi BA cari jadual. Sounds gila kan? But end up insiden jejak kasih pulak which ayat dia lebih kurang macam ni, "Eh, awak lah sepupu saya yang lost contact yang dah lama saya cari tu!" HAHA. That was hilarious! Kan Ella? Tetttttttt!! :)

First time overnight with Zura, Faiz, Ain, Julia, Ezzy, Reymy, Taufik, Faired and Fam. Seronok sangat! We hung out around main air pancut-pancut kat MBMB, pergi Kelebang (kan?) tangkap gambar, tunggu sunrise. Zura pernah tanya aku, "Kau rasa kitorang jahat tak bawa kau overnight?" and my answer was definitely NO. Selagi aku tak buat anything wrong, I don't think that overnight is a wrong thing to do, kan? Plus, it is fun but quite dangerous. Please bring your boy friends (sila jarakkan word ya sebab kalau dekat it can be dangerous. LOL) so that tak kena kacau dengan mat-mat rempit or mat-mat gian. Actually, this overnight is specially to celebrate Mariani's birthday, but she and Ella couldn't make it. :(

Video created by Faiz pada penghujung semester 1 sangat mengharukan. I still remember the nickname he gave to me: Perky Pika. And everyone got their own nicknames too. Tapi aku tak ingat. Anyway, Faiz, mana video-video untuk semester 2, 3, 4, 5 dan 6? Kau janji nak buat every semester. Tetttttttttt! HAHA. For korang, ingatlah balik nickname yang korang dapat, sebab time tu saja lah Faiz puji kita pun. After-after that, jangan harap! HAHA. Sayang kau moq walau kau lahar. Kita kan geng kutuk-kutuk sayang? HAHA. :)

Time orang sembahyang terawikh, kami semua lepak kat tangga "Batu Caves" dan berusaha men-DRAG-kan Faiz sebagai seorang muslimah. HAHA. Sumpah cantik bila Faiz pakai selendang putih dan berbaju melayu merah or maroon. And sumpah tak laku bila dia try mengorat abang-abang motor yang lalu! HAHA. Lepas penat lepak, pergi ko-op makan ais krim. Keji kan? Bukan nak balik masjid. Pffttt. =.="

Sebab nak tengok Hakka, Julia jatuh tangga "Batu Caves". HAHA. Ini pun lawak. Tapi time tu tak lawak lah. Nak tengok Julia tarik muka, silalah gelak waktu tu. Huhu. Lastly, aku yang teman Julia pergi Klinik Kesihatan.

Sebab Zura teringin sangat nak makan KFC, aku teman dia ke Alor Gajah naik bas. Just the two of us. Sanggup tu, sebab dia dah teringin sangat! HAHA.

Lepas tu, time sebelum exam Psychology (kot?), kitorang lepak hujung koridor level aku. Waktu tu, ada aku, Ella, Mariani and Zura saja. And waktu tu memang kecoh pasal histeria semua blok. Pakgad time tu memang sibuk sangat. So, kami ingat takde apa-apa lah kalau lepak sampai tiga empat pagi kat hujung koridor yang menghadap ko-op tu. Sekali nampak "benda". Terus semua buat-buat mengantuk. Esok baru cerita. HAHA.

Yup, too much to share lah kalau sebut pasal Diploma at Melaka. Nanti-nanti lah sambung tulis balik. Frustrated ni sebab Dunia Baru tak tayang pagi ni. Hangsuey betul!

Bye creatures.
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