Too much work pun tak bagus.

Posted by : AfiqahAR | 05 October 2010 | Published in

Hi creatures.

Sangat lama tak update the belog. Sekarang hidup sangat chaos dan perlu dipercepatkan segala kerja since banyak sangat bercuti. I just arrived from Tioman and Cameron for vacation. Too much work ditinggalkan. So, sekarang dah jadi tak tentu hala. In 3 days, I got 4 test. I got photo shoot just now. I sent my resume to Karangkraf (Libur) for my internship. I have to finish two more designs which are Santauwhan and Lina Johor. I got Academic Writing to be finished up. I have to design for En Nazri's proposal. Argh! Totally messed up! But, this is my final year. Going to miss it soon pun. So, apa salahnya lalui hard times so that next 5 years kalau kenang balik, mesti rindu. *winkwink*

Need to freshen up a little bit. Mandi, cuci muka, tanggal contact lens, and do the WORKS!

Bye creatures! :)

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