Ordinary morning

Posted by : AfiqahAR | 03 March 2011 | Published in

Hi people.

And good morning of course. Just get into the office. Sitting in front of the computer while typing this shit. How was your morning? Well, my morning started with nothing extraordinary. I woke up at 7.47 AM, went to the toilet, put some make up on, iron the baju kurung, put on the baju kurung and hijab, went out from bedroom and started the car engine and stuffs like that.

As I was driving to the office, a mad driver who drove Kelisa, my most favourite car was driving crazily. He (I bet) almost crashed my car and the Myvi, which drove side by side with my car. Luckily (alhamdulillah), I pressed the brake pedal. So, my car slowed down and he immediately potong us.

I just hope he will die in a car accident. But, I know it is not fair for me to put the fate on him. It is Allah's. Like I said, Allah Maha Adil. So, you better be careful because you cannot survive by driving like a stuntman at a peace small road in the breezy morning.

Bye people.

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