Quick Update. Really quick.

Posted by : AfiqahAR | 23 November 2010 | Published in

Hi creatures.

I'm currently on a short holiday. Spending most of my time at home, with the little monster, Tembun and got visited by another little monster, Japran on weekend. My life is perfect. I don't need more. I don't need less. I am glad everything is doing fine. Peace. Finally.

Besides doing part time job as designer for my friend, I do write. But, inactively. I write when I have inspirations. What kind of inspirations? Can't tell ya since myself too don't know what they are. I write when I feel want to.

I also currently active posting photos on Tumblr. Oh you can follow me if you want. The same url, minus the blogspot.

Good night creatures.

By the way, Usher handsome. And I don't know why Justin Bieber won so many awards. You can see from my comment, I am one of Justin Bieber not-fan. OMG! I miss BSB a lot! Among the best boy band ever! But AJ is bigger than before, plus Kevin has gone! Pathetic me, clapping and applauding all by myself with no lights in front of the TV.

(2) Comments

  1. fhana hunnae said...

    uit2...cuti2....beshhhhhh!!hehehe leyh lepk ngn kwn2 skolah.=p

    November 23, 2010 at 5:12 PM
  2. Dihsar Ludba Haqifa said...

    kawan sekolah aku jauh ah! HAHA.

    November 29, 2010 at 12:53 AM
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