Lemony Snicket and Death Race 2.

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Assalamualaikum. Hi people!

Bored got me. So, I dug some old movies to watch and were recommended by my friends. I'm not normally review movies. So, I'm not good with it. But, I'm gonna tell you people about two not-so-old movies that I've watched yesterday and just now.


It was a story of orphans who lost their parents in a fire. The oldest sister, Violet Baudelaire, her younger brother, Klaus Baudelaire and a baby girl, Sunny Baudelaire. Violet was genius in making decisions, Klaus was genius since he read almost all books (you should watch their library!) and Sunny who loved to bite. Yes, real bite. And oh, the Baudelaire was extremely rich.

So, basically they were looking for new guardian among their 'closest' relatives with the help of Mr. Poe, their parents' sort-of-lawyer. Mr. Poe said that they were gonna live with Count Olaf, their 'closest' uncle. Strangely, they never knew or heard any of Count Olaf before.

Count Olaf was a wicked, evil and sort-of-crazy and funny old man (starred by Jim Carey) who lived in a very old mansion. He was never intent to take care of the orphans. He was on the other hand only wanted the Baudelaire's fortune. So, he started making plans to kill those orphans to get the fortune. Very wicked, huh? I know!

When Mr. Poe realized the wickedness of Count Olaf, he took the children and gave them to the other relatives, such as Uncle Monty, a reptile maniac and Aunt Josephine, a grammar maniac. =.="

The best part was when Count Olaf secretly transformed into someone else, such as Stefano, an Italian man and Captain Sham, a fisherman to track and follow the orphans when they moved in with the other relatives.

In one event, Mr. Poe saw Count Olaf saved the siblings from giant leeches and agreed to let Count Olaf took care of the orphans back. But, Mr. Poe clearly stated that the fortune would never go to the guardian if anything happened to the orphans. However, the fortune would somehow inherited by blood relatives or married couples of the orphans.

And what do you think the crazy Count Olaf would do? *giggles* Watch for yourself. For Lemony Snicket: A Series of Unfortunate Events, I give 4.5 stars out of 5. Good job! :D


I watched Death Race couples of years ago and I love it! And then, I figured out there was part two for this movie. And I was like, "Huh? Bukan dah habis ke?" So, I watched it just now and the Death Race 2 is about the story before the first one. Ala, macam the X-Men. Got it?

It started with a bank robbery and this guy, Carl Lucas failed because of his comrades. So, he was arrested. His boss, Markus Kane wanted Lucas to die so the police had no prove to arrest him.

Six months later, Lucas was sent to an island called Terminal Island where they created a game called Death Match. Death Match put two criminals on the island to battle. Whoever lost would die. And the winner would win some cash.

However, the rating of viewers was low. So, September, the game creator and Caesar changed the game and double the prize. It was called Death Race and the winner would win his freedom and life. At the same time, Kane put a million dollar bet for whom that killed Lucas, including his racing partner, Katrina. Kane personally met her and offered a freedom if she killed Lucas.

Would Lucas win the game? Or would there be any chances for Katrina to get her freedom? And who the hell was the Frakeinstein? Find it out by yourself. For Death Race 2, I give 3.5 stars out of 5. Clearly because of Jason Statham and Natalie Martinez are hotter than Luke Goss and Tanit Phoenix. HAHA. :D

Tomorrow, got date with my darling, Maya to watch Transformers 3. To tell the truth, I'm not one of Transformers' fans. I didn't watch part two of the sequel. But, who will just sit and stare at the wall in a small bedroom on Sunday morning till night? Definitely, not me!

Bye! Assalamualaikum.

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