Passion to Munch is Indescribable

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He was hungry. Craving for something. Something that no one ever expect what it is. Something that 20% less fat. Something that are free of cholesterol and trans fat. When the full moon showed itself on the peak of the mountain, he knew that it was the time. It was the right time for him to go hunting, searching for those things to eat.

It was a cold breezy night. The small tree branches fighting with each other as the wind blew, made up loud crack sounds. As he went through the thick forest, he saw a small river with full of nutritious fishes. He tried to grab one of them. Surprisingly, he caught three of those. He gripped the poor little fishes hard in his muscle bare hands and presented them to the moon. The fishes' skins glowing brightly as the moonlight hit them. They were not the things that he was looking for. With a loud groan of disappointed, he squeezed those creatures inside his hands but luckily, the slippery skins saved them and they fell into the river again, swimming quickly away from the beast that caught them to avoid being vanquished.

Slowly, he crossed the small river and widen his eyes to look for the thing that he craved for. The pair of his eyes shone as diamonds in the dark of a cold night. Suddenly, he could hear some movements behind the small bushes next to him. He turned his head quickly and saw a shadow of human were eating something with sounds of growling. He slowly stepped closer to the human. As he got really close, he found out something kinky and gross. He found no human. He found out a gorilla was eating a wrap of chocolate snack alone behind the thick bushes. He left the gorilla as quiet as a mouse. Too much power to gain to defeat a gorilla he realized. He better did not messed up with it.

His next step stopped all of sudden. He smelled something. A 24 hours grocery store! From the transparent glass window, he could see someone was standing at the counter, counting lots of money in his both hands. It must be the cashier, I thought. He turned his sight at the food shelves and suddenly saw the things that he craved for! His glowing eyes locked at them! He had to grab all four flavours of them! When the four were combined, a true powerful taste would happen! With full of graceful, he dragged his body along with four legs, crouching quietly to the store.

He was now at the front door of the grocery store, waiting for the right time to attack. I must act fast, or I'll be dead meat. After set up a brilliant strategy, he knew that he was ready to launch an invasion. He knew that he had to get that things no matter how and what the consequences. Without losing any minutes, he broke the store window with all his power and the night end with a loud echo of human scream.

* * *

The sun had rose, up on the mountain peak. Kuga rubbed his eyes, aching because of the bright sunshine hit his eyes directly. He woke up from his bed and went to the mirror to look at his appearance. The image in the mirror showed a messy, dirty but handsome guy with some small pieces of dried leafs stuck in between of his brown thick hair. As he thought how weird to have dried leafs on his head as soon as waking up in the morning, he brushed his hair softly to get rid of those leafs.

He heard sounds from the living room. Must probably his house mates were watching the TV. He headed straight to the hall and joined them. They were watching morning news. The newscaster told them that a grocery store was broken last night by a giant wolf.

"How bad?" Paul asked his friends.

"Seriously bad. It was said they never found a gigantic creature like that before. I bet it was a werewolf."

Paul seemed to care less about the news. His stomach growled. He asked, "Want some?" as he grabbed a tin of Mister Potato Rice Crisps.

His friends greedily took several pieces of the snack and started to munch. "This is awesome, man! How did you get that?"

Paul looked confuse. He did not know what to answer. He just did not remember to buy those delightful snack recently. But suddenly, he thought he remembered something about last night. Something just flashed into his mind a second ago. With a puzzle look on his face, he raised his one eyebrow and finally said, "I think I had pay a visit to the broken grocery store last night."

P/S: This is an entry dedicated specially to the Rice Crisps by Mister Potato most creative review contest.

Bye cretures!

(5) Comments

  1. Afiqah Abdul Rashid said...

    Hope to win. :)

    June 4, 2010 at 4:07 AM
  2. Miss Wanie said...

    wahh!! rajin ang ek
    gudluck weh~
    jgn lupa share hadiah! hahahha

    June 4, 2010 at 2:12 PM
  3. Afiqah Abdul Rashid said...

    kalau menang. HAHA.

    June 4, 2010 at 2:33 PM
  4. hans said...

    moga berjaya

    June 6, 2010 at 4:29 PM
  5. Afiqah Abdul Rashid said...

    tengs bff. :)

    June 7, 2010 at 12:08 AM
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