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first of all, sorry sbb lama xupdate this blog since i've got no internet connection or wireless or anything that can make me connect to the internet.
well, that is not what i'm trying to post here.lol.

okay. (inhale..)
last week, Masscomm students had a dinner for charity (actually, i don't really know about dat dinner since it was handled by the top management. me? well.. insan biasa.lol)
personally, i'm not so excited about going to the dinner since.. well.. i just don't like to be around too crowded of people (sebagai contoh: kenduri, kalau ada sales dkt sogo, pasar malam etc).
but i've PAID for it. so, i gotta go anyway (i'm kinda type of people who paid to get something.lol)

well, we arrived a little bit late because of some technical problems but it was a relieved actually to arrive late.
as i entered the hall (oh, forgot to tell that the dinner was held at hotel renaissance, melaka), i was wondering; aku salah masuk dewan kah?
well, it happened like this: music too loud and the hall was pitch in black.
and i thought that i attend an underground concert or something? (maybe.. sebab tak pernah p konsert pown sebelum ni.lol)
i walked "slumber" and tried to find my table (01) in the dark (agak mencabar sebenarnya).
as i sat at the table, i tried to see who was singing on the stage...
i'm trying.. still trying anyway.. guess what i saw?
the spotlight is directly focus on my table. damn!#$%^&
okay! fine! i looked at the table! not at the stage!
then, the food was served as promised.
fortunately, the food was good. i'm telling the truth, it was GOOD.

What was Good For Me:
1. Food
2. People on my table (me, zura, mariani, ella, khaider, khaider's friend, aini, aini's friend, awek korie, and eha)

What was Bad For Me:
1. The environment
2. The waiters ("ye lah. sini banyak anak2 datuk," my friend heard what one of the waiters said.well, for the people who are not "anak datuk", it sounds quite annoying)
3. The waiters (menjatuhkan banyak pinggan, piring dan sudu ke lantai lalu pecah berderai near to our table)
4. The spotlight (membuatkan aku tak nampak @ rekod hambali nyanyi dengan "merdu"nya.ahahaha.i'm proud for you, am.gila konfiden!!)
5. The music (too loud and heavy. it was a dinner. i thought of something melodramatic?)
6. The light (it could be dimmed, not pitched black. sometimes, i felt like it was "subuh", and sometimes it was "malam". i'm talking about the lights.lol)
7. The invited band (it's bittersweet. bittersweet who? lol. i don't really ever heard of them. sorry eha.lol)

overall, it was quite a good event actually. i know it's hard to handle an event. good job guys!
pictures? check out my myspace (my myspace? sound weird.lol)

Pikalicious said: thinking about the MPG. well, specificly, after the MPG cause i'm gonna leave Lendu and hi Kulim!! wooHOoO!! ;D

(3) Comments

  1. RiRa said...

    good luck final!!!

    April 9, 2009 at 7:59 PM
  2. DicKiE aDaMs said...

    sedihnya dah nak grad.. nant jgn sombong ngan aku ye moq?

    April 10, 2009 at 11:44 AM
  3. AfiqahAR said...

    rikhman: u 2!

    faiz: yup.sedey+gembira.tayah aku saket2 montot naek bas 9 jam dh.huhu.yep.kau pown jgn sombong2 gn aku.nt mesti aku windu lemak kau.isk3.

    April 13, 2009 at 3:35 PM
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