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well, here we are..
talk about makan event...again!
on last sunday (12 april 2009), uitm had prepared a lunch at Hotel Equatorial, Melaka for students who will graduate for this semester (plus those students who will have practical on next semester that won't join the next MPG event).
so, the students were NEEDED to ride bus produced by UiTM (bas uitm 5 6 bijik, bas skolah beberapa bijik n also bas kilang.fuh~).
me and my friends were a little bit late arrived at the campus since our "transport" (jalan kaki daa) was a little bit slow and we couldn't make it to ride on bas UiTM.
so, we were the 1st group to rasmikan bas kilang (after had a tight fight with eha group to take the last bas UiTM).
yep.i was a little bit upset+proud.lol.

so, when we arrived at the hall, the tables were fulled by people who came early.
we were trying to find table that was "empty" (there were 130 tables for around 1300 students.a lot huh?).
suddenly, i've got a call from one of my ex-roommates (sapikah tumian).
she said the table behind her had 5 empty seats.
without thinking about which table or who were sat on the table, we went for it since we realized that its hard to find "empty" table at that time.

the table (recommended by my sapikah) were filled with 5 DPA students and i'm glad to see one of them was my level mate (oh, btw, they were all GIRLS).
we were quite hungry at that time and what were on our mind is only FOOD!!
the FOOD was served at 12 noon (we arrived at 9.30 a.m. imagine how hungry we were!!).
well, the food was quite similar with the charity dinner-chinese course (minus the soup. i don't really like the soup since it had corn in it. i like corn but not in the soup!).

What Was Good For Me:
1. The food (lazat2)
2. The environment (yep.it was comfortable)
3. Met all friends who i've never got chance to hang with, especially for those who were not masscommers (buma, syah, boss, sapikah, bedah and others).
4. Dapat tangkap gambar with Datuk Prof Madya Dr Mizan bin Hitam (our campus director).

What Was Bad For Me:
1. Takde fight time makan (since those DPA students don't eat lot unlike khaider and his friend. lol. so, me and my friends were quite malu actually to makan terlebih and the result? makanan dkt our table tak pernah habis! it such a waste..)
2. Datuk Mizan ckp sgt lama! (lapo)
3. Persembahan sgt lama! (lapo)
4. Montaj about Datuk Mizan sgt lama! (lapo)
5. Penyampaian anugerah sgt lama! (lapo)
6. Pergi dan balik dengan bas kilang (pengalaman naik bas UiTM just sekali dlm 3 tahun. time p hotel legacy for talk masa semester 2 kowt. cian kan?)
7. Hujan turun dengan lebatnya setibanya di UiTM (yep. our "transport" ke rumah sewa tade bumbung)

talking about the pictures? Check out my myspace ait?

Pikalicious said: For all Masscommers and my dear UiTM friends, good luck for your final exam. well, as we all know, the starting date of the exams is on 20th april 2009 and as not all of us know, the date is my birthday. lol. anyway, chaiyok2! happy graduation also for those Part 6 students who will graduate this semester. Hope to see you again next time. I'm going to stop typing cause i started to feel sad to type more.. BABAI!! :'(

(5) Comments

  1. RiRa said...

    tak nmpak you pun?..
    i suka ikan dia..sedaaaap.
    tapi service teruk la..

    April 13, 2009 at 4:45 PM
  2. hans said...

    balik sorang2....
    kahkahkah...(kekejaman akhirnya berlaku)
    citer pengalaman dengan pakcik teksi yg menakutkan...

    April 13, 2009 at 5:04 PM
  3. AfiqahAR said...

    rikhman: xnmpk u jugak.huhu.i meja sblh meja hamzani.yup.ikan die sgt sedap but x abes.segan dowh.budak2 meja i cm x mkn jek.i nk amek pown segan.service die teruk ke?waiter for my table ok jek.huhu.

    hanis: aku xbani amek risiko lalu memujuk mariani antaq aku.huhu.ank mmg kijam.isk3.

    April 13, 2009 at 6:49 PM
  4. DicKiE aDaMs said...


    syg ko moq!!

    April 15, 2009 at 4:17 PM
  5. AfiqahAR said...

    faiz: syg kau jua moq!

    April 15, 2009 at 8:51 PM
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