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basically, this is the 5th day i was at home.
what did i do were surfing the internet (most of the time), watching television (almost 10 hours), karaoke (around 2 hours), eat a lot (when there is food), hang out(accompany my sis went to her campus, go to the clinic, "paw" amri to buy me food) and study (in front of the television). plus sleep (4 a.m - 1 p.m).
it was awesome actually to be at home since i've got more time to spend in front of the television especially and watch some programs that i haven't watch for years!
among the television programs were:

1. i bet you will (chan 713 mtv)
"who wants to win some money?" this is a compulsory dialogue spoke by Godfrey, one of the hosts in the show. this show basically give chances for university/college students to win some money. however, they got to do a weird+sick challenge to win it. what i like the most about the show is there ARE people out there who willing to do anything to get from $5 to $400 (the lowest and highest value i watched last night). it was crazy awesome show anyway!

2. my own (chan 713 mtv)
this show is about a guy/girl who wants to get their own favourite artist. last night, this guy (named Philip) wanted to get his own Mary J. Blige. he would test the contestants with some questions about mary j. blige, the dance, how they sang, their house and so on that could relate them with the artist. the contestants who failed to act like Mary J. Blige would be eliminated. psstt.. can i get my own Adam AF? lol.

3. friends (chan 711 starworld)
it is a drama of 6 people who were before best friends but end up with love relationship. but, i haven't watch the series for a long time. so, it is difficult for me to catch up the drama again. but, i still love their jokes!

4. hagemaru (chan 611 ceria)
i had a dream to see is there any kid like hagemaru in this real life! he is so evil+stingy+stupid kid that i've never seen anyone in this world before. the attitude and acts that have been showed are creative and intelligent. and hagemaru himself is so funny! with the help of his mama, papa, pesu, cikgu sakura, kondo, atuk tonarida, kak busu, midori and so on (i'm good in memorizing anything except education!lol)

5. detective conan
well, i like an investigation story like detective conan. this cartoon is about a little guy (physically since he was poisened by an evil guy long ago) named conan edogawa who is smart and intelligent enough to investigate big cases like murders.

well, actually, i'm kind of dizzy right now to write more since i had finished study "keadah terjemahan baru": translation bbm321.lol.

Pikalicious said: malasnya nak study. baru habis 1 topik, dah pening. how meh? but i congratulate to myself for successfully finishing the topic. lol.

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